Saturday, 15 March 2014

guu richmond (revist): still just as guu'd

what a (non) surprise! guu richmond again! i purchased this big city deals voucher for bubble tea at estea express in the food court which was expiring very soon so i had to go to aberdeen two weeks in a row. well last week we already ate at the food court so the only other place is...guu! 

still just as good (or even better) than last time since my palate is starting to be open to newer flavours. i used to order ONE thing only at japanese restaurants being udon but now i love raw fish and anything deep fried and battered. we decided to try two new appies in addition to our regular box and were very pleased with our lunch meal! 

salmon yukke ($3.80) - chopped salmon sashimi with garlic teriyaki, pine nuts and green onion served with prawn crackers - this was our first time trying this and BOY WAS IT DELICIOUS

they give you a quail egg to mix into the salmon then you scoop it on the prawn crackers and the flavours will just pop all over your mouth. the garlic sauce is amazing and at this price, i would order 100 times again! (ps. if you dont really like slimy, this is not for you!)


takoyaki ($4.50): deep fried octopus ball with tonkatsu sauce and mustard mayo - i was a little disappointed to see it deep fried instead of grilled but i was stupid not to read the description. this was delicious although a little lacking on the bonito flakes. they had huge pieces of octopus inside and the mustard added a good contrast to the sweet tonkatsu sauce. 


sushi box: tuna, surf clam and salmon sushi, salmon and scallop sashimi, california roll, egg, grilled mackerel, chicken karaage and rice - just as good as i remembered. they changed the sushi/sashimi without ever mentioning it but i dont think thats a huge deal.


overall: guu is dang guu'd and although their menu isnt the largest, they do have a lot of lunch boxes and choices so if you like rice, fish or deep fried foods, YOU HAVE TO GO HERE.

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